Macao Science Center

Macao Science Center (MSC) aims to promote science popularization and education among local adolescents, to compliment tourism development in Macao and to provide a regional platform for science education, convention and exhibition. The Exhibition Center has 12 permanent galleries of different themes and 2 galleries reserved for special exhibitions. These exhibitions feature scientific knowledge-oriented and interesting interactive exhibits that allow visitors to explore science in a hands-on way.

  • Explore the 14-gallery exhibition center with specific areas for kid-friendly topics, technology, environment and lifestyle. The colorful and interactive exhibits are sure to pique your curiosity!
  • Watch any one of these amazing live science demonstrations: Molecular Kitchen, Magic Demonstration, Super Microwave Oven and Liquid Nitrogen
  • Be sure to check out the Planetarium schedule. The award-winning, 15-meter diameter, high-resolution dome will take you through a fascinating 3D journey through space
  • The Science Center is more than just for children – there are equally as many things that adults will find interesting and enjoyable!
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