About Macao

  • Photo of The Extraordinary Life of Stanley Ho Hung-sun

    The Extraordinary Life of Stanley Ho Hung-sun

    Stanley Ho Hung-sun, the man who “made” the modern Macao and whose business empire dominated the gambling enclave for decades,…

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  • Photo of Getting there

    Getting there

    Located on the western shore of the Pearl River Delta, Macao is an easily accessible destination in Southeast Asia. By…

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  • Photo of History


    Macao is indeed a city of blended cultures. Located across the Pearl River estuary from Hong Kong, Macao was an…

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  • Photo of Geography


    Macao has generally flat terrain resulting from extensive land reclamation, but numerous steep hills mark the original natural land mass.…

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  • Photo of Fast Facts

    Fast Facts

    Geographic coordinates: 22 10 N, 113 33 E Area: 28.2 sq km Highest point: Alto Coloane 172 m Population: 614,458…

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  • Photo of Climate / Weather

    Climate / Weather

    Macau has a sub-tropical climate with hot, humid summers (April-September) that can reach temperatures of 35C/95F. Winters are cool but…

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  • Photo of Health


    Macao has a public healthcare system funded by taxes collected by the government from corporations and residents. The system provides…

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