Thailand’s Top 10 Must-See Islands!

When Visiting Thailand's Top 10 Must-See Islands - Traveloka

What are your plans for the summer? Looking for a spot to relax and cool down in the summer heat? Thailand beckons visitors from all over the world to enjoy their vacations without having to go through quarantine. Sounds interesting? Thailand is well-known for its stunning natural beauty, fascinating beaches, amazing food, and friendly people.

Thailand is home to hundreds of islands in both the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. Previously, the majority of Thailand’s islands were deserted, but in recent years, several have been developed for tourism. If you are a big fan of diving, swimming, or sunbathing beneath the palm trees with a nice book. We have put up a list of Thailand’s island paradises that you should visit at least once in your life! Here are our picks for the top 10 must-see islands, or “Koh” in Thai, which refers to “island.” Let’s have a look at them together!

When Visiting Thailand's Top 10 Must-See Islands - Traveloka

1. Phi Phi Island

A beach paradise for many vacationers, Koh Phi Phi or Phi Phi Island, is one of the world’s most well-known islands. You may have seen this island as a background in Hollywood movies such as The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. This island is located in the Andaman Sea, approximately 40 kilometers from mainland Krabi. The wonderful turquoise blue water is what brings visitors to Phi Phi Island, which has wonderful white beaches and is surrounded by limestone mountains. After being closed for a couple years to allow its ecosystem to recover, it has reopened with a variety of marine species that you may be able to see with your own eyes.

When Visiting Thailand's Top 10 Must-See Islands - Traveloka

2. Similan Islands

Thailand’s best spots for snorkeling, nature walks, hiking trails, and beautiful viewpoints, the Similan Islands, are located around 84 kilometers northwest of Phuket. The Similan Islands are one of the most famous island groupings in the Andaman Sea, owing to the wonders that await under the blue sea. The massive rocks sitting on top of a hill overlooking the pure water below are the most outstanding characteristics of these islands. Similan islands are perfect for those who enjoy diving and exploring isolated and rocky locations filled with wildlife.

When Visiting Thailand's Top 10 Must-See Islands - Traveloka

3. Phangan Island

Thailand’s fifth largest island, Koh Phangan, is known for its Full Moon Party. Thousands of people come out to celebrate the Full Moon. The island’s cuisine and dining are diverse and reasonable, so you will have no trouble finding good places to eat throughout your vacation. This iconic party island not only holds wild parties, but also provides natural treasures such as waterfalls, mountains, cultural sites, and stunning beaches for you to enjoy.

When Visiting Thailand's Top 10 Must-See Islands - Traveloka

4. Turtle Island

If you want to take a scuba diving course and earn a diving license in Thailand, Turtle Island should be on your radar. Turtle Island, or Koh Tao, is part of the Chumphon Archipelago on the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand and is one of the world’s most famous islands for scuba divers and snorkelers. This island is the world’s second-best diving destination, behind Australia’s. Even if you do not plan on diving, a trip to Koh Tao is well worth it. There is natural beauty both above and below the ocean with its magnificent beaches, stunning coral reefs, abundant marine life, fantastic vistas, and a variety of activities.

When Visiting Thailand's Top 10 Must-See Islands - Traveloka

5. Nangyuan Island

The little island, Nang Yuan Island or Koh Nang Yuan, is located near Turtle Island. Many visitors hop to this island from Turtle Island and Phangan Island for a day vacation. It is another well-known island for excellent snorkeling and diving options. The island’s white fine sand and crystal-clear water make it ideal for diving and watching coral reefs, and it attracts those seeking peace and quiet. Its scenic viewpoint also allows guests to enjoy spectacular views as well as stunning dawn and dusk.

When Visiting Thailand's Top 10 Must-See Islands - Traveloka

6. Lipe Island

An island paradise in the South Andaman Sea, Koh Lipe, is located in Satun Province, close to the Malaysian border. Some refer to it as Thailand’s Maldives. The island is situated within the National Marine Park of Tarutao, which is home to an array of tropical fish featuring the beauty of the coral that surrounds the island, and various lovely coves. You will feel as though you are in heaven on Earth as your toes touch the fine, powdery soft sand beneath a magnificent blue sky.

When Visiting Thailand's Top 10 Must-See Islands - Traveloka

7. Surin Islands

Surin Islands, recognized for its coral reefs and white sand beaches, are one of the world’s finest diving and marine life watching destinations. Surin Islands are a series of five islands in Phang Nga Province’s Mu Ko Surin National Park in the Andaman Sea, with turquoise water, gorgeous beaches, and diverse undersea life. Richelieu Rock, located about 14 kilometers east of the Surin Islands, is the most well-known dive site and one of the greatest spots in the world to watch whale sharks, as well as eagle and manta rays.

When Visiting Thailand's Top 10 Must-See Islands - Traveloka

8. Elephant Island

Moving from the south to the east of Thailand. There are also several island treasures to be discovered. Koh Chang, widely known as Elephant Island, is Thailand’s third largest island after Phuket and Samui, as well as the largest in Eastern Thailand. The island got its name from its elephant-shaped headland. It has a lot to offer from stunning beaches to amazing viewpoints, and you should not miss taking a cruise, also known as a Thai-style gondola, to paddle around the bay, along the green atmosphere of the fertile mangrove forest, and learn about local life in Ban Salak Khok, a century-old fishing village on Koh Chang.

When Visiting Thailand's Top 10 Must-See Islands - Traveloka

9. Kood Island

Kood Island, also known as Koh Kood, is located in Trat Province, near the Cambodian border, on the Gulf of Thailand, a few hours from Bangkok. Koh Kood is much smaller and less developed than the neighboring Koh Chang. It is a peaceful tropical paradise with white sand, clear water, and coconut tree forests. From beaches and waterfalls to fishing communities, there are plenty of things to do, where you can enjoy a peaceful village vibe and modest wooden bungalows by the beach.

When Visiting Thailand's Top 10 Must-See Islands - Traveloka

10. Samae San Island

One of Sattahip’s secret beauties in Chonburi Province near Pattaya, Samae San Island, is a 2-hour ride from Bangkok. If you are looking for a quick getaway on the weekend from busy life, this island can be an excellent option. Samae San Island is regarded as an ecotourism destination and will provide you with relaxing sea water, colorful coral reefs, and a range of activities under the supervision of the Royal Thai Navy. Due to the island’s law prohibiting visitors from staying overnight, it is a perfect destination for day trippers.

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